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Coil Processing
Modified Article by Nick Wright (Modern Metals® October 2012)

Memory-free tension levelling
With new lines, steel suppliers expand gauge range, take control of scrap

October 2012 - When processing light- and heavy-gauge steel coils into strips, cutting lead times for just-in-time orders and accounting for all scrap is a one-two punch for efficiency. By addressing those aspects, topped off with integration of multiple features, a company can be reassured it’s running a tight ship.

As of mid-September, service centre Del Metals, Brampton, Ontario, was wrapping up the final acceptance tests for the commissioning of its new rotary shear tension levelling cut-to-length line. Del Metals wanted a North American-sourced line to expand the gauge and product range it currently runs on their Stretcher Leveller Cut to Length line—.048” up to .500” X 72 inches wide. As a result, this new line was designed to have a process capability from .015” through .134” x 72 wide and capable of processing both ferrous and non ferrous products.

Previously, Del Metals was outsourcing its lighter-gauge processing elsewhere but had grown it to the point that they wanted to capture this light-gauge business and bring it in-house

“We’re a company that believes in reinvesting money on equipment and inventory, and that led to investment in this line,” he says. “We’re letting our customers know we have the capability to be cost competitive on the lighter material.”

Del Metals’ current customer base includes construction, as well as agriculture, mining, light manufacturing and fabrication, and truck transportation. The line will help Del Metals serve those industries and new ones. The planning and purchase of this line was four years in the making and we were not deterred from growing and investing in our business during difficult economic times, LeGendre says.

Del Metals has an existing stretcher leveller that removes memory from heavy-gauge coils and wanted the same capability on the light gauge material “so that we had stress-free product regardless of gauge,” LeGendre says. “That’s a big selling point. Everything has to be flat and stress free because the end user may laser cut, plasma cut, bend or shear the metal.”

Multiple features
Tension levelling is similar to stretcher levelling in that the strip is stretched beyond its yield point to remove all memory. However, tension levelling lines typically accomplish this faster and run continuously from the uncoiler directly into the stacker.

The line is set up for continuous, high speed, high-output production runs, says Paul LeGendre. “Our line doesn’t stop, so you don’t have any possibility of scratching the material, LeGendre says. “Today’s material is very surface-critical.”


Del Metals announces New Tension Leveled Light Gauge Cut to Length Line

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO – Del Metals is pleased to announce it has purchased a new Light Gauge Tension Leveled Cut to Length line capable of running Ferrous and Non-Ferrous products from .015” to .134” x 72 wide. The line will produce shape corrected, tension leveled sheets by combining the latest technologies of Tension Leveling with the operational efficiencies of a Rotary Shear and Cartridge Stacker system. This investment aligns with our vision to continue to reinvest in new technologies that better service the needs of our customers similar to the ½ x 72” Stretcher Leveler investment made in 2008. The commissioning of this new line is planned for spring 2012.

In addition, Del Metals is also pleased to announce that this line will be installed in our new branch located in Mississauga, Ontario. This 80,000 sq/ft facility is in close proximity to our Brampton branch and will not only enable the growth of our Flat Rolled business, but also enable the continued expansion and growth of our General Line’s and Pipe business.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the undersigned. Del Metals is a Steel Service Center based in Brampton, Ontario with additional branches in Montreal, Quebec and Mississauga, Ontario. Our revenues are derived from the sale of Flat Rolled products, General Line’s products and Pipe Products into the Construction, Fabrication, Light Manufacturing and Energy sectors.

Cam Jobin, President